What is an Email Template in CRM?

When you integrate your email with your CRM, you often end up sending certain mails writing the same or similar contents again and again. To accelerate it, you may try to keep a content copy in your desktop or in sticky notes so that you can quickly copy paste the email content to save you time writing the same email again.

Email templates in your CRM helps you solve this. Email templates are nothing but a copy of your email content which is saved in your CRM. Whenever you are drafting a similar email again, you can just select the mail content from a pre-saved template, edit it wherever required and send it to your CRM contacts within a click.

Email Template Examples:

Some of the examples of Email templates may include but not limited to:

  • Welcome Email whenever a new lead is added,
  • Follow up Emails,
  • Thank you mail post deal closure or purchase,
  • Emails with invoice or receipt, etc.

By the way, In ToolsonCloud CRM, you can create unlimited email templates for you and your team.

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