CRM with Multiple and Customizable Deal Pipelines

What is Pipeline Customization?

Pipeline Customization equips the sales team to customize their deal pipeline in CRM. They can create multiple pipelines, add delete customize various sales stages and workflows in the pipeline, customize the namings used in pipeline stages, modify the order of the stages, etc.

In a practical business scenario, the sales process and workflows followed in different organizations differ depending on the context of the industry, complexity of the business and the type of client stakeholders they deal with. If they adopt a rigid CRM with rigid sales stages, then the sales team would be required to overhaul their existing and validated sales process to an unknown process set by the CRM. This ultimately defeats the purpose of CRM which is to make your team’s life easier instead of complex.

This requires that you should be equipped with the control to customize your sales process in the CRM instead of trying to customize your validated sales process to align it as per the CRM.

Customizable Pipelines in ToolsonCloud CRM

ToolsonCloud CRM provides no-code options for the users to help them customize their CRM as per their context.

  • Create Multiple deal pipelines to separately track different types of opportunities. ToolsonCloud CRM allows you to create unlimited pipelines.
  • Customizable deal pipeline stages as per the sales process followed by the respective sales team.

How does it benefit you?

You can create separate pipelines for different types of teams which follow different sales processes. This way you don’t have to worry about trying to squeeze your sales process for different categories of opportunities in one pipeline with generic sales stages.

With the help of customizable stages, you can change the name of the stages as per the terminologies used in your organization. You can anytime change the order of the stages, add or delete additional stages at any point of time in your business without having to worry about any impact on existing CRM data.

All this no-code way of customizing the CRM pipeline with custom stages equips you to instantly customize the CRM as per the sales process followed by your team without trying to push the team to follow the rigid CRM stages in case of conventional CRMs.

More features to empower your sales team:

Task Management

Set deal follow-up tasks and reminders and never miss an activity.

Lead Management

Seemlessly Capture, Nurture and Qualify leads to deals.

Deal Management

Track your opportunities from stage of initial contact to deal closure.

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