Frequently Asked Questions on CRM

Que: What is CRM?

Ans: CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It refers to Strategy, Processes and Technology you use for Managing your relationship with your customers.

Que: What is a CRM Software?

Ans: CRM Software comprises of a set of technology tools which helps you manage your customer relationships in an effective and efficient manner.

Que: Why should I use a CRM?

Ans: Using a CRM helps you follow Industry standard Best Practices and Processes which can improve your team's performance drastically.

Que: What is the Ultimate Purpose of adopting a CRM?

Ans: There seem to be 2 Ultimate purpose of adopting a CRM:

  1. To Get More Customers, and
  2. To Get More Revenue from Existing Customers.

Que: How does a CRM helps me achieve above 2 purpose?

Ans: A Good CRM helps you organize your customer relations and interactions well and helps you identify where you need attention and focus. This helps you improve your team's productivity and helps them focus on things which makes you money.

Que: What are the different types of CRM?

Ans: There are 3 commonly used categories of CRMs based on various functions of a Sales and Marketing department in a Business Organization.

  1. Sales CRM
  2. Marketing CRM
  3. Service CRM
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