CRM with Web to Lead Forms

What is a Web to Lead form in CRM?

Web to lead forms in CRM helps you create a form which you can embed in your website or blog so that you can get responses filled by your visitors. These responses will automatically get captured in your CRM. This helps you save the manual effort and time which you would have spent manually copy pasting the form responses to your CRM.

One classic example of Web to Lead form is the contact us form on most of the business websites. Whenever a visitor fills the enquiry form on the website, the data gets automatically captured in CRM so that the organization’s sales team can take up the next steps.

Web to Lead form in ToolsonCloud CRM

In ToolsonCloud Sales CRM, you can do multiple things in the Web to Lead module.

  • Create Unlimited Web to Lead forms for multiple websites as well as blogs.
  • Customize the redirect URL where you want your form respondent to land up after successful submission of the form. Examples may include a thank you page at your website or to another web page having an ebook or a brochure.
  • No-code tool allows you to automatically generate HTML based embed code which you can directly integrate easily in your website without the need to code.
  • All the responses can be viewed and managed from one single page within the CRM app without the need for you to scramble through multiple emails.

How does it benefit you?

  • No code/Low Code

    ToolsonCloud CRM automatically generates the embed code for you to directly plug in to your website without you having to worry about the code part for integrating with the CRM.

  • Saves time

    With the form data getting directly captured in CRM, you are no longer required to spend time copy pasting data from emails notifications into your lead tracker.

  • Organizes data.

    You can quickly organize all the form responses in one place. In addition to that you can convert them to leads or contacts at the click of a button. This helps organize your sales process seamlessly and boosts your productivity.

  • Instantly get notified

    Whenever someone submits your form, you get instantly notified over email so that you can get started with assisting the lead immediately to close deals faster.

More features to empower your sales team:

Task Management

Set deal follow-up tasks and reminders and never miss an activity.

Lead Management

Seemlessly Capture, Nurture and Qualify leads to deals.

Deal Management

Track your opportunities from stage of initial contact to deal closure.

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