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How to use this Tool?

1. What is NPS?

NPS stands for Net Promoter Score. It is an Industry recognized benchmarking score which helps you measure your Customer Engagement and Loyalty.

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2. How to calculate Net Promoter Score using this tool?

This is a free tool to calculate NPS for your survey. Follow these steps to calculate the score:

3. What do I infer from the score generated here?

4. How do I create an NPS Survey for my customers

Go to any survey tool such as Google Forms, Survey Monkey, etc and create a simple questionnaire and send it to your respondents.

4. Can I get a Sample survey form for reference?

Here you go, check out this sample survey form created in Google Forms: NPS Survey Sample Form

4. Facing any Issue using the tool?

Contact us for any issues/feedback/suggestions.

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