CRM for Manufacturing Industry

What is a Manufacturing Industry CRM?

Manufacturing Industry CRM is the Customer Relationship Management tool using which Manufacturing businesses can easily organize their customer information such as Leads, Contacts, Accounts, etc. CRM helps them to track their leads easily and enables them to close deals faster using various productivity functions with the CRM.

Why would Manufacturing companies need a CRM?

Often Manufacturing firms engage more on B2B deals with other businesses and distribution partners compared to retail sales. This often requires them to go through complex and longer sales processes in order to close a deal. The longer a sales process is, the more is the chance of leads getting dropped off in between and a deal getting missed due to a missed follow up task.

In order to sustain and thrive, a manufacturing firm must work on both tracking the existing leads and deals towards closure and to consistently build a lead funnel and deal pipeline in order to have a steady and growing pipeline of revenue even if the sales process is complex and longer.

How can ToolsonCloud CRM help a Manufacturing business?

Using ToolsonCloud CRM, Manufacturing firms can do a range of tasks. Some of the notable ones being:

  • They can store and organize customer contact information and interaction history with their leads, prospects, customers and other client stakeholders at one single place.
  • They can capture leads from various sources such as websites, social media, emails, etc and organize them all together in a single platform for better visibility and collaboration.
  • They can maintain their product list within CRM, so that all of their sales executives are on the same page while interacting with prospects.
  • They can assign the leads among multiple sales executives based on various parameters such as type of product line, sales territory, deal size, etc.
  • They can qualify and convert the lead to a deal or a contact and follow up with them to close deals faster.
  • They can schedule Meetings with prospects and customers from within their CRM.
  • They can also communicate with their contacts using emails from within their CRM without the need to switch between different apps for email.
  • They can analyze their sales figures and do sales forecasting based on their past sales data.

ToolsonCloud CRM can readily solve sales problem at your startup

Lead Management

Seemlessly Capture, Nurture and Qualify leads to deals.

Contact Management

Organize your contacts from deal decision makers to customers and keep track of conversations.

Reports and Analytics

Get Reports from your CRM data and actionable insights to take critical sales decision.

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