CRM with Task Management

What is Task Management?

Task Management in a CRM is the management of upcoming activities and tasks associated with any lead, deal or a contact in order to close an opportunity. This task can be a follow-up call, a meeting, lunch with the client, presentation with the prospect or can be anything related to your customer relationship.

Task Management Process , How is it done?

  • Every Opportunity should have a plan for an upcoming activity. If a deal is not having a plan scheduled then it is leftover without any action and is at risk to be lost due to inaction.
  • Every team member assigned a specific lead or deal should create their respective tasks and associate it with the deal or lead or a contact for which that task is planned. This helps them better track it by keeping it on their radar.
  • The team member should regularly update the status of the task so that it reflects the correct state of the sales team activities so that sales leaders can get accurate insights of the required action.
  • If a task is overdue, CRM will remind them of the miss prompting them to either complete it or to set the rescheduled plan.
  • If a sales team member is on leave due to certain emergency or unable to take up that task, the Sales Manager should be able to assign the task to another representative and he or she should be able to quickly pick it up by quickly reading the historical data associated with the deal and contacts in the CRM.

Task Management in ToolsonCloud Sales CRM

Create Tasks for Leads, Deals and Contacts

Get Timely reminders to close tasks

View Upcoming tasks on Calendar

View Overdue tasks on Calendar

Review completed tasks

Analyze the activity history for deal win/loss drilldown

Reassign tasks among sales team

Visually organize tasks in Kanban board

How does it benefits you?

  • Never forget a follow up task with the help of reminders. It helps to close deals faster.
  • Reduction in missed opportunities due to timely task completion in an organized manner.
  • Gives a clear view to sales managers on the history of activities with a deal and gives insights on what should be done next.
  • Senior sales leads can create tasks and activities for newbies in their team so that they can get better mentoring and organized process guidance.
  • Helps any team member to take over the task quickly in case one team member gets engaged in another important task or is on leave.

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