CRM with Multi-user Team Management

What is Team Management in CRM?

Team management is the process of managing your sales team members to succeed at their work. The ultimate objective is to lead your sales team to become more efficient and self-driven to help achieve the organization's goal with the help of sales, service and customer relationship management.

Sales team management process, How is it done?

For effective deal management a Sales Manager should follow the best practices of the deal management process so that deals can be closed faster with the help of a smoother sales process.

  • It starts with adding team members into the CRM application
  • Sales managers can easily manage their team with various assignments such as lead assignment, deal assignment and task assignment and track progress of the reps.
  • In case of any deviation in sales progress, they can quickly intervene to help their reps if they require any additional help or assistance to close the sales tasks.
  • Reviewing performance of the team against the organization's sales goals and exploring the areas of improvement by analyzing the performance of sales reps.

Sales Team Management using ToolsonCloud Sales CRM

You can manage your sales team smoothly with the help ToolonCloud Sales CRM with its powerful team management functions.

Easily add new user to CRM

Manage CRM user roles

Control access of dormant users

Assign leads, deals and tasks to sales staff

Reassign leads, deals and tasks in anyone's absence.

Analyze sales progress of the team

Analyze Individual sales rep's performance

Standardise the sales process across sales team

How does it benefit you? ?

  • Gives Sales leaders accurate picture of how their sales team is performing
  • Plan for and take corrective action to help their sales teams instantly if they are stuck.
  • Control the access of Sales rep to the CRM contents.

More features to empower your sales team:

Task Management

Set deal follow-up tasks and reminders and never miss an activity.

Contact Management

Organize your contacts from deal decision makers to customers and keep track of conversations.

Reports and Analytics

Get Reports from your CRM data and actionable insights to take critical sales decision.

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