CRM for Education Industry

What is an Education Industry CRM?

CRM helps an educational institution or a training & coaching firm manage their relationship with its customers. Usually the customers of an educational institution are prospective students which may be called as leads, current students and past students or alumni.

CRM allows the sales teams to capture leads, organize contacts and help track them for closing sales. It also improves their productivity by allowing them to quickly do various sales tasks such as follow up, meetings, emails, etc all from within the same application.

Why would Educational Institutions or companies need a CRM?

Education Institutions would be required to use a CRM at multiple stages of their journey while managing their relationship with students.

  • They may need to do marketing campaigns to generate more leads who would be interested in buying their course, training or would want to enroll for a long term program.
  • They may need to capture the contact details of prospective students who submit an enquiry for further information on training programs or for a callback from counsellor.
  • Their sales team might need to track the lead at various stages of their buyer's journey and help with the required information in order to evaluate various courses, make a decision and complete the purchase.
  • Educational firms may need to maintain a customer repository to track the existing customers in order to promote related add-on courses to past customers as per evolving trend in their interested field.
  • Educational firms may need to track their periodic sales revenue and individual sales rep performance to plan out sales strategy for the upcoming month or quarter.
  • Sales and Marketing leaders in the educational institution may need more data to analyze their sales and marketing processes. This helps them discover insights to improve their revenue and pipeline.

How can ToolsonCloud CRM help your firm in the Education Industry?

  • They can capture leads from multiple sources such as Websites, Blogs, Excel import, Social Media, etc.
  • They can organize the contact information within the CRM.
  • They can quickly communicate with their prospects from the CRM by using pre-made templates such as welcome mail, follow up mail, payment confirmation mails, thank you mail, onboarding mails, etc.
  • They can schedule meetings with the students for any one-on-one counselling sessions for those who are seeking more information in order to complete the purchase.
  • They can create tasks and reminders for their sales teams in order to track a lead towards closure.
  • They can maintain a history of their interactions with the prospect so that the sales rep can quickly recall the important points to note before calling them again.
  • They can assign leads to different sales executives depending on the requirement of the lead.
  • They can monitor individual sales rep performance and also generate various custom reports and dashboard to monitor their overall performance.

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Reports and Analytics

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