Sales CRM with Deal Management

What is Deal Management?

Deal management or Opportunity Management is one of the part of your sales strategy which helps you organize your process from deal initiation to deal closure. Better Deal management helps you manage your deals efficiently so that you close deals faster.

Deal Management Process

For effective deal management a Sales Manager should follow the best practices of the deal management process so that deals can be closed faster with the help of a smoother sales process.

  • Defining a well organized sales process for initializing and closing deals with Client stakeholders.
  • Organizing, standardizing and streamlining the way sales teams collect data about the opportunity from the stakeholders. This data may include but not limited to deal value, deal requirements, terms of service, pricing terms, required legal compliances, etc. The more organized and enriched data you have, the better will be your proposal to the client and hene better is the probability of you winning the deal.
  • Establishing the best practices for best customer experience. If your team follows a structured approach while communicating and interacting with your customer, it improves the customer experience with your sales team which improves your deal winning probability.
  • Building a transparent and responsible sales culture. If you have better deal management in place, your leadership team will be freed up from spending too much time in governance oversights and hence their time is better utilized in other key organization management aspects.

Deal Management in ToolsonCloud Sales CRM

TooslonCloud Sales CRM helps you manage your deals effectively with a range of features with ultimate objective of helping you close deals faster.


Multiple Pipelines

Fully customizable deal stages

Import Bulk deals from Spreadsheets

Convert Leads directly to Deals Pipeline


Assign Deals among Sales team

Record Deal history

Filter Deals using multiple field meta-data

Prioritize deals using Deal parameters


Visually track deal on Kanban board

Follow up on time

View deals which need action

Analyze Deal flow metrics

How do all these features help me?

  • Speeds up your Sales.
  • Reduces your deal cycle time.
  • Frees up your team's mind so that they can focus on sales.
  • Builds a knowledge base for your team for future opportunities.

More features to empower your sales team:

Task Management

Set deal follow-up tasks and reminders and never miss an activity.

Contact Management

Organize your contacts from deal decision makers to customers and keep track of conversations.

Reports and Analytics

Get Reports from your CRM data and actionable insights to take critical sales decision.

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