CRM for Healthcare, Fitness & Nutrition Industry firms

What is a Healthcare Industry CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Healthcare CRM refers to the software tool which lets Healthcare Industry firms such as Hospital, Fitness coaches, Nutritionists can use to efficiently manage their customer relationships.

CRM lets the user add their leads, track them through various stages of their buyer’s journey. It also lets them maintain a history of their interactions to build a long term relationship with the customers.

Why would a Healthcare firm need CRM?

Healthcare Industry firms may need a CRM for multiple purpose, some of which may include:

  • To track their leads in one place so that they can easily follow up with them for conversion and track the status of their interaction in order to be more prepared during customer calls.
  • They can use the CRM to book and track appointments with the patients or the customers.
  • Tracking the leads and customers on CRM gives the firm a better picture of their lead inflow in different types of services and gives them clear insights on the performance.
  • CRM helps the leaders know where they need a process improvement to ensure faster conversion and service in order to generate more revenue.
  • Using a CRM helps the healthcare firms maintain the history of payments as well as customer health history. This data can be better utilized for follow up appointment reminders to the customers for timely healthcare services which is critical in the healthcare industry.
  • Better data visibility about customers will ensure better engagement with customers which in turn results in improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How can ToolsonCloud Sales CRM help Healthcare Industry firms?

ToolsonCloud Sales CRM offers a range of features which can quickly enable a healthcare industry firm to get started with managing their customer relationships.

  • End to end Lead Management system to track various healthcare leads from initial contact to conversion.
  • Ability to create multiple sales pipelines for different departments or categories of services to track and monitor them separately.
  • Contact Management system to store contact details of the patients and provision to maintain the history of interactions for future.
  • One click call and email so that you don’t have to spend time copying and pasting the phone number or emails to another application in order to contact them. This ultimately saves time so that your team can focus on more important tasks.
  • Inbuilt Meeting scheduling functionality to instantly book an appointment with the customer and doctors/medical experts.
  • Ability to create and track tasks against each lead or contact in order to stay better prepared before a customer meeting.
  • Automatically create real time reports to track and measure performance without the need to manually spend time juggling with excel sheets to prepare MIS reports.

ToolsonCloud CRM can readily solve sales problem at your startup

Lead Management

Seemlessly Capture, Nurture and Qualify leads to deals.

Contact Management

Organize your contacts from deal decision makers to customers and keep track of conversations.

Reports and Analytics

Get Reports from your CRM data and actionable insights to take critical sales decision.

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