CRM Glossary - All about CRM

  • CRM:

    Customer Relationship Management.

  • CX:

    Customer Experience.

  • Lead:

    Someone who has might be interested in buying your products/services

  • Deal:

    Deal refers to business opportunity to sell your products or services to a person or an organization. It is different from leads in the sense that leads may be dormant which may be interested in buying from you at a later stage. Deals are usually qualified and active opportunities which are having immediate need to close.

  • Demand Generation:

    Process of generating awareness about your products and services which may trigger an intent to purchase or know more about.

  • Lead Generation:

    Process of generating leads via various Inbound and/or Outbound marketing process.

  • Lead Qualification:

    Process of evaluating the fitment of a lead to qualify them as a prospect worth trying to sell.

  • Lead Conversion:

    When the lead makes the purchase or signs the deal and becomes a customer.

  • BANT:

    Budget, Authority, Needs, and Timeline. This is a framework for Lead Qualification

  • MQL:

    Marketing Qualified Lead

  • SQL:

    Sales Qualified Lead

  • Account:

    The company or the organization with which sales person is trying to close a deal

  • Sales Pipeline

    It is visual representation of your sales stages and all the sales opportunities present in each of the stages.

  • Sales Funnel

    It is the visual representation of the journey your buyer takes before becoming your customer.

  • Sales Automation:

    Process of automating various repeatable and time consuming sales processes

  • Marketing Automation:

    Process of automating various repeatable and time consuming marketing processes

  • Workflow Automation:

    Automation of a series of steps usually some set of tasks and activities, each occurring based on certain trigger events.

  • Web to lead forms

    Web to lead forms are the Lead capture forms which can be embedded or integrated into a website or a blog. Example of this may include contact form or enquiry form. Whenever a visitor visits your website or blog. They can navigate to the contact form page and submit their information. With the help of Web to lead forms, the data will automatically get captured in your CRM.

  • Email Integration

    A CRM is said to be having Email Integration if it allows you to integrate the CRM along with your Email service provider such as Gmail or Outlook. This enables you to send and receive emails sent to your leads and contacts directly from your CRM. This helps in better tracking since you can now quickly review and keep track of your interactions with the contact from the CRM

  • Product and Services Catalog

    Product and Services catalog in CRM helps you list all of your products and service offerings in the CRM. This enables you to tag the deals with the products and services. In this way you can organize the requirement better and it helps you reduce any errors while your team create quotations or invoice at a later stage.

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