What is a Deal in CRM?


In ToolsonCloud CRM, Deal refers to the business opportunity for which you are trying to close the transaction at any point of time. A deal should be associated with

  1. A contact person who is also referred to your Client and
  2. The Organization where your Client works or is associated with.
Different information present in a Deal in CRM?

Deals in Toolsoncloud CRM contains many useful information like:

  • When was the deal created? Its aging.
  • Who created the deal?
  • What is the deal value
  • Name of the Company or Organization with which you are trying to close the deal.
  • Who is the Client contact person associated with the deal.
  • Any qualification comment added by the Sales Development representative who promoted it from lead to deal.
  • Any Sales conversation notes added by you or the other Sales executives who have had any conversation with the Client.
  • Any other useful information or file attachment needed to close the deal
  • List of follow up activity you have planned to close the deal.
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