How to add meeting notes and history to a Deal in CRM?


When a Deal is added to a CRM, the next step for a sales executive is to contact the client stakeholders associated with that deal to gather more detailed requirements. The executive shall also be required to follow up with the client on regular basis on any pending activities or upcoming meetings. Over a period of time, the sales person would realize that he may need to make a lot of notes post his interaction with clients to stay upto date with all the required information to close the deal. Many a times, the important meeting notes or MoM gets lost in email trails which are difficult to find when you need it urgently. This is why, ToolsOnCloud CRM provides you with the ability to add meeting notes based on your discussion with the Client on multiple channels say phone call, demo, e-mails, messages, etc.

Steps to add meeting notes/history

To add any notes or comments from Client meeting or conversation, follow these steps

  1. Go to the Deal Management page in Toolsoncloud CRM
  2. Click on the Deal Name to open the deal details.
  3. On the right side pane, you can find "Deal Notes & Activity Logs" section.
  4. Write your conversation notes or comments and click on "Add Note" button to save the comment.
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