How to add a Deal in Toolsoncloud CRM?

Steps to add Deal

To add a Deal in Toolsoncloud CRM, Follow these steps:

  • Login to Toolsoncloud CRM app
  • Upon Login, It will redirect you to Deal Management page.
  • The Deal Management page will show the deals in a default pipeline. You can change the pipeline if you wish to add the deal to a different pipeline.
  • Click on "Add Deal" button on the top right end
  • You will get a dialog prompt for adding a new Deal.
  • Enter the required information like name of the deal, deal value, expected close date for the deal.
  • From the drop down, select the Client Organization with which the deal is associated. If the organization is not already present in the menu, you need to add it from Organization Contact page.
  • From the drop down, select the Client contact person from the Client organization with whom you are trying to strike the deal.
  • Select the Deal Stage of this deal from the drop down menu. By default, Deal Stage menu would contain the stages as "New", "Contacted", "Presentation", "Negotiation", "Won" or "Lost". If you would like to customize the stages to suit the business processes as per your Organization's need, you can modify them from Pipeline & Stages settings page.
  • Once all the required details are added, click on "Add Deal" button.
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