How to update a Deal in Toolsoncloud CRM?


Whenever a Deal appears in your Deal pipeline, you need to track its progress in order to assess the stage where it is currently in. In ToolsOnCloud CRM, it is done by updating the deal status periodically as per your interactions with the various stakeholders associated with the deal.

At the time of initial account setup or at the of creating a new Pipeline, ToolsOnCloud CRM pipeline shall show the a list of deal stages by default. Here are various deal stages which are added by default along with its significance.

  • NEW: Whenever a new Deal is added either by adding it manually or by converting a Lead to a new Deal, it can be added to NEW stage. This denotes that deal is added recently and is yet to be picked up by the sales executive.
  • CONTACTED: This stage denotes that the Sales executive had reached out to the client prospects to understand their requirements in detail. Post the discussion with prospect, the sales executive shall prepare for the next meeting or follow-up call or a product demo or presentation.
  • PRESENTATION: This stage denotes that the Sales executive has completed product demonstration or presentation with the Client stakeholders. Often, depending on the industry you operate in, there might be multiple presentations with different stakeholders. Once all product demo or presentations are completed, the salesperson prepare for the next stage, which in our case shall be negotiation.
  • NEGOTIATION: This stage denotes that the deal is in Negotiation stage. Depending on the type of products you sell, Negotiation rounds may happen on multiple aspects. It may happen on pricing of the products, discounts, terms and conditions, delivery flexibility, service level agreements, project charter and many more aspects.
  • WON: When a deal is moved to this stage, It denotes that the deal is finally won. Next steps post that can be actual product delivery. The deal can be passed on to the delivery department and finance department to pass it for further processing such as invoicing/billing, accounting, etc.
  • LOSS: When a deal is moved to this stage, it denotes that the deal could not be won. Though it is common in Sales to lose a few deals but it is important to document the reasons for such failure so that it serves a documentation or case study for the sales team for future.

The stages in a pipeline can be customized, renamed, re-organized to suit your Sales process in your organization.

Steps to update Deal Status

To update deal status in Toolsoncloud CRM, follow these steps:

  • Go to Deal Management page where the deals are listed
  • Click on "Edit" icon near the Deal Status in each deal entry
  • From the drop down menu, update the Deal status to the one which depicts the current stage of the deal
  • Click on the "Update status"
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