What is an Account or Organization Contact in CRM?


When you are pursuing a lead or a deal, the Company or the Organization in which the the Client works is referred as Organization Contact. In certain sales departments, it is also alternatively termed as Accounts

What does it contain?

In ToolsonCloud CRM, Organization contact captures a lot of data points which can help you close a deal faster.

  1. Organization Contact page displays the list of deals which you are actively working on with that organization or would have worked in the past.
  2. It shows the list of Client contact person who work in the organization with whom you have interacted in the past
  3. You can find the list of historical comments you or your team member had added while researching about the organization.
  4. Apart from those, you can find the address details of the Organization, metadata information such as team member who added the contact and the date when it was added or last modified, value of deals won, etc
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