How to add an Organization Contact in CRM?


To add any deal to a CRM, it must be tagged to an existing Account or an Organization or the company with whom you are trying to close a deal. If the organization contact is not already present in your CRM, you may add it from Organization Contact page in ToolsOnCloud CRM.

Steps to add Contact

To add an organization contact in ToolsOnCloud CRM, follow these steps

  1. Login to ToolOnCloud CRM using your Email and Password.
  2. On the top navigation bar, click on Contacts drop down menu and then select Organizations to open the corresponding page.
  3. In Organization contact page you can view the list of accounts or organizations already added in your CRM (if your team members had added earlier).
  4. From the top-right corner, Click on the "Add Organization" button, a dialog box shall appear prompting you to add a few data points related to your contact.
  5. Enter the basic information such as "Organization Name", "Address", "Phone", "Website", etc.
  6. Click on "Add Organization" button to save the contact.
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