How to add meeting notes and history to an Organization Contact?


Often, When you have an account or an organization contact in place. You as a sales executive may work towards researching the organization a bit. In such a scenario, you might want to add notes about the organization a bit to keep it for future reference.

For this purpose, we built the functionality to add meeting notes and history against an Organization/Company/Account contact in Toolsoncloud Sales CRM.

Steps to add meeting notes

To add meeting notes to an Organization contact, follow these steps

  • Login to your Toolsoncloud Sales CRM account with your user credentials.
  • Launch Organization contact page from the top navigation bar.
  • In Organization contact page, you may see the list of organization or company contacts added by you as well as your team.
  • Click to open the particular organization contact, where you would like to add your notes.
  • In the organization contact details page, you may find the option to Add Notes on the right side of the page.
  • Add your comments or notes and click on "Add Note" button.
  • The Note will get added to the concerned Organization contact along with Date & time stamp along with author name.
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