What is a Person Contact in CRM?


Person contact refers to your Client point of contact for the deal or opportunity you are trying to win. This Contact person is usually from the same Organization or Company with which you are trying to cut the deal.

What does it contain?

Person Contact in ToolsonCloud CRM contains lots of helpful data to help you close the deals like

  1. Contact Information for the Client,
  2. The active and past deals which you worked along with the person,
  3. Notes and comments from past customer conversation,
  4. Any additional person specific comments such as the interests of the person, his customer persona, etc.
  5. Some associated metadata information such as how long the customer has been associated with your organization by looking at the date when the contact was added, the sales rep from your company who spoke to the Person, etc.
Need for this:

All these information helps you stay prepared while you make a next call to him, so that you can have a very contextual discussion so that Client do not have to repeat same old conversation he would have had with another sales rep of your company.

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