How to add meeting notes or history to a Person Contact in CRM?


Often whenever you talk to a contact person, you would want to make some notes for the conversation. Sometimes those notes may be generic to the Person and may not be appropriate to attach it to any deal notes. In such case you may prefer to add the notes to that particular Person's contact page so that you can access it later.

These types of notes are suited for the generic comments on the Contact Person such as his general guideline on the requirement which are applicable to all his deals in future, or his preferences, etc.

Steps to add Notes to Person Contact

To add notes and comments to a Person contact in Toolsoncloud CRM, follow these steps:

  1. Login to Toolsoncloud CRM and go to Person Contact page to view the list of contacts.
  2. Click on the contact person's name where you want to add comments.
  3. Detailed view of the Person Contact shall show up.
  4. On the right side panel of the Person contact page, you shall find "Add Note" section. Add the comments or notes which you want to add as part of the historical records for the Person Contact.
  5. Click on "Add Note" button to save the comment with date stamp.
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