How to delete a Person Contact in ToolsonCloud CRM?

If you want to delete a contact in ToolsonCloud CRM, follow these steps:

  • Login to ToolsonCloud Sales CRM account with your credentials.
  • On Top navbar, click on “Contacts” and then select “People Contacts”. This will navigate you to the People contacts page in your CRM account.
  • Against each row, you will be able to find additional options in the form of a 3 dot button icon.
  • Click on the option button against the contact which you would like to delete. The Option button will show menu options with a “Delete” option within it.
  • Click on the “Delete” option to delete the contact.


  • Deleting a contact is irreversible, hence do ensure to confirm before deleting any contact.
  • If the contact is linked to any existing Deal where this contact was tagged as Contact person, then the user will not be able to delete this contact. In this case you would be required to remove the contact from the deal. You should be able to find the Deals which are linked to this contact by navigating to deal’s detail page by clicking on any of the deals from the deals listing page.

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