How to get standard Sales reports in ToolsonCloud CRM?

Different Types of Standard Sales Reports

Currently ToolsonCloud CRM comes with 6 different types of Standard Sales Reports.

  1. Leads Report: It gives a day by day count of leads added by your team in a timeseries bar chart view

  2. Deals Report: This report gives every day count of deals added by your team. This chart is also in timeseries bar chart.

  3. Accounts Report: This reports gives you a view of the number of organizations or accounts added in your CRM. Similar to others, this chart is also a timeseries bar chart.

  4. Contacts Report: This report gives you the data of number of person contacts added by your team in the CRM. This report is also a timeseries chart.

  5. Tasks Report: This report gives you an overview of the number of tasks created by your team for the completion of sales activities. This is also a timeseries bar chart.

  6. Web to Lead Reports: This report gives a timeseries bar chart view of the daily responses received on the Lead capture web forms created and integrated by you in your external websites or blogs.

Steps to view standard reports

To view the standard reports in ToolsonCloud CRM, Follow these steps:

  1. Login to your account with your credentials.
  2. On the top navbar, you will find one option called "Reports"
  3. Click on Reports link. It will navigate you to the standard reports page
  4. Now you may click on the sidebar links to view all the available standard reports mentioned above.

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