How to add new users in Toolsoncloud CRM?


When your organization grows with increase in sales, your sales team will certainly grow together. Soon, a growing team would feel the need to have a common platform where they can collaborate and work together. In sales, CRM is also such a place where team needs to collaborate on certain deals and work together. As a Sales Manager, you would be required to assign leads or deals among your sales team member. You may be required to monitor the performance of your sales team as a whole as well as individually.

To cater to this need, Toolsoncloud CRM allows you to add your team members on to the CRM platform so that all of them can collaborate and work together to qualify leads and close deals faster and better.

Important Note
  1. Prerequisite: Only Administrator of the CRM account can add or remove team members.
  2. User Limits: The number of users you can add to your CRM account is limited to the number of CRM user seats you have subscribed to as per your subscription. If you wish to add more seats to your subscription which is not yet over. You may buy additional seats for the pending subscription period.

To add a team member in to the CRM platform, follow these steps:

  • Login to Toolsoncloud Sales CRM account.
  • On the top navbar, click on profile button displaying your email id. This button is situated on the right end of the navbar.
  • From the drop down menu, click on "Settings" option. This shall take you to Settings page of the CRM
  • Click on "Users and Roles" link from the left pane in the settings page. This shall navigate you to the User Management page of the CRM. Here you can view the list of users from your organization who are currently part of your CRM application.
  • Click on "Add a User" button. A dialog box with 2 fields shall appear prompting you to enter "Name" and "Email" of the new user you wish to add.
  • Enter the Name of the person and his/her email id in order to send an invitation to join.
  • Now click on "Invite & Add User" button.
  • Your invited team member would receive an email with an account activation URL. The user is required to click on the link and set password in order to activate his/her account.
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