How to Setup new CRM account at ToolsOnCloud


ToolsOnCloud is a cloud based Sales CRM offering Customer Relationship Management system for organizations of all kinds and sizes. Currently it comprises of core features such as Lead Management, Deal or Opportunity Management, Contact Management, Account or Organization Contact Management, Activity or Task Management. It offers you a collaborative solution where you can work on deals along with your team members with appropriate audit logs to view update history.

You are free to try out ToolsOnCloud before purchasing Business plan subscription for your team. To setup your new account, follow these steps.


To setup a new CRM account, you need following:

  • Email Id: A Valid email address would be required for you to setup a new CRM account at ToolsOnCloud.
    • You would be required to validate your email to be used with your account.
    • You will use your email as your username to login to your account.
    • In addition to these, you will receive period updates related to your CRM account on billing & subscription.
    • You may also receive updates on various activities/reminders on your Leads/Deals in your CRM if you have chosen to subscribe to those updates.
New Account Setup Steps:
  1. Go to Toolsoncloud Sign Up page
  2. Enter Basic Information such as your Name, Company Name, Your Email Id which will be used for login and the password you would like to use for Toolsoncloud CRM account.
  3. Click on Sign Up button.
  4. In order to prevent any misuse of anyone else's email, users are required to verify your email. Once you sign up, an Email is sent to you which contains an activation link.
  5. Click on the activation link received in your email.
  6. Once you verify your email by clicking on the activation link, your account will be activated.
  7. Now, Head on to Toolsoncloud Login page to start using Toolsoncloud CRM.
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