How to schedule a Meeting from ToolsonCloud CRM?

You can quickly schedule a meeting from ToolsonCloud CRM without the need to switch to another calendar application. To schedule a meeting, you can follow these steps

  1. Login to ToolsonCloud CRM account
  2. On top navbar, you can find the link titled "Meetings". Click on it to navigate to Meetings page.
  3. Click on "Add Meeting" button on the top right corner in Meetings page. A Dialog box shall appear prompting you to enter Meeting information.
  4. Enter the necessary meeting information such as Meeting title, Meeting start time and end time, Invitees and Description of the meeting.
  5. You may use the "Location" field to enter your online meeting URL in case you are having a virtual meeting, else you may enter the physical location address.
  6. Once all the information is ready. Click on "Add Meeting" button. Your meeting will be scheduled.
Upcoming Features planned

In the upcoming releases, we shall be adding the option for you to integrate with Google Calendar or Outlook to send your meeting invites from Google Calendar or Outlook.

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