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  • Organize Leads
  • Organize Contacts
  • Organize Accounts
  • Organize Deals
  • Add Activities
  • Add Sales Reps to Team
  • Organize Multiple Pipelines


  • Manage Lead assignments & Track Qualification.
  • Track Deals through various Pipeline stages.
  • Record Customer Conversation notes.
  • Reminders for pending action items.
  • Manage Multiple Pipelines.
  • Manage Sales team and individual assignments.


  • Follow up on time.
  • Qualify and Convert Leads faster.
  • Close Deals faster.
  • Achieve your sales quota faster.
  • Accurately assess sales team's performance.
  • Accurately track Revenue metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Power Packed Features for all your CRM needs


Lead Management

  • Add Leads into Lead Management System.
  • Visually manage the leads in Funnel, Kanban as well as List view.
  • Track engagement level of your active leads as Cold, Warm or Hot Leads.
  • Maintain history of your sales discovery calls or meetings.
  • Maintain logs of the requirement and expectations of leads.
  • Check if the Lead is qualified or not via BANT method of Lead Qualification.
  • Close the inactive Leads with proper classification as Disqualified, Un-subscribed or as Deferred.
  • Convert the Qualified Leads to Deal Opportunities.


Deal Management

  • Add Deals into Deal Management System.
  • Visually manage the deals in Pipeline stage wise Kanban view as well as List view.
  • Track and update deal progress across different pipeline stages of the opportunity.
  • Maintain calls and meeting notes post your interaction with Opportunity stakeholders.
  • Get a single handed view of the Person contact and Accounts associated with the Deal.
  • Update Deal win probability and get revenue forecast accordingly.
  • Add different category of deals in different Pipelines to organize them better.
  • Act on deals flagged for action required based on Ageing or an Overdue task or follow-up.
  • Close Deals faster and get the metrics associated with Deal win or loss.


Task Management

  • Never lose a lead or a deal by creating appropriate follow up tasks for each of the lead and opportunity.
  • Add Tasks & activities, and associate it with a Lead, Opportunity or a Contact.
  • Get quick overview of the actions for the day in Calendar view.
  • View all the list of open tasks and activities in List view in a single dashboard.
  • Get reminders on the flagged actions which becomes overdue.
  • Get reminders on the open actions for today.
  • Sync up with the tasks with Google Calendar and other calendar applications.


Contact Management

  • Add and maintain Person Contact with all contact information along with Social Media.
  • Add and maintain Organization contacts as Accounts with their office contact information.
  • Add and maintain history and notes of your past conversation with the Contacts.
  • Get a quick overview of the past leads or deals associated with any Person contact.
  • Get a quick overview of the past leads, deals, contact person associated with the Account to manage your customer relationship better.


Report & Analytics

  • View multiple standard sales metrics on the dashboard for tracking sales revenue forecast, deal progress, lead flow as well as sales team performance.
  • Get standard as well as customized sales reports as per your business needs.
  • Get actionable insights on your Sales CRM data in Analytics dashboard.
  • Build your own reports and charts to monitor customized Sales Metrics.
  • Export reports in Excel Spreadsheets for further analysis
  • Subscribe to Periodic reports over Email.


Sales Pipeline Customization

  • Customize the CRM to suit your own sales process within your organization.
  • Add Multiple Pipelines to organize different category of opportunity.
  • Add Multiple Pipelines to accommodate sales teams operating in distinct and independent market or territory.
  • Add, Modify and Customize the deal stages of each pipeline to suit your sales process.
  • Transfer Deals from one Pipeline to another if situation demands.
  • Add and modify additional fields for customized tracking of leads or deals.


Sales Team Management

  • Invite and Add Multiple Sales Team members to your CRM.
  • Activate or Deactivate team members instantly to free up the CRM seats bought in your subscription.
  • Instantly allocate the open available seats to any new team member to fully utilize the seats subscribed.
  • Assign Leads to your SDR team member for Ownership of Lead qualification.
  • Assign Deals to your Sales Executive team member to take ownership of Deal closure.
  • View individual sales team member's performance on various metrics including the number of Leads added, leads qualified, Deals won, revenue generated, turn around time etc.


ToolsonCloud Sales CRM helps you organize your Sales and helps you improve Sales.

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