Sales CRM Software to fast track your sales

ToolsonCloud is a cloud based Sales CRM. It helps you organize your sales process so that you can focus on closing deals faster.

toolsoncloud sales crm

Power Packed CRM to help you close Deals Faster


Manage Leads

Add, Manage and Qualify Leads through the Sales funnel.


Track Deals

Add, Manage and Close Deals through the Sales Pipeline.


Remember Tasks

Add Activity and get timely reminders on follow-up tasks.


Organize Contacts

Organize Person Contacts as well as Account contact information all in one place.


Actionable Insights

Track Metrics, Build Reports, Get Insights to close deals faster.


Customize Process

Customize sales pipeline stages to suit your sales process.


Social Collaboration

Collaborate within sales teams; assign leads, deals, tasks; measure performance.


Sales Inbox

Send Emails quickly to contacts directly from CRM Application.


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Designed for High Performance Sales Teams

How can it help you?


Better Customer Segmentation and Personalization

Ultimately helping you improve conversion with shorter sales cycle and increase revenue.


Improved Customer Satisfaction and Retention

Better Customer satisfaction leads to increase in retention and helps drive referral customers.


Automation of Repetitive Sales Processes

Helping you bring down the time taken to do boring and repetitive tasks. Achieve more in Lesser time


More Productive Sales Teams

Sales teams spend lesser time on data entry and operational tasks. Instead focus more on closing more deals.


Real Time Reports and Analytics

Sales Leaders get real time metrics and actionable insights to drive the results at the right time.


ToolsonCloud Sales CRM helps you organize your Sales and helps you improve Sales.

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